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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2005, 17:05 GMT 18:05 UK
Paedophile unit raids cyber cafe
Computer keyboard
Police say they are using the latest technology to track suspects
A 54-year-old man suspected of being involved in online child abuse has been arrested during a raid on an internet cafe in central London.

He was held by officers from Scotland Yard's Paedophile Unit at the shop on The Strand on Wednesday morning.

The computer he was using is being examined by officers from the Hi-Tech Crime Unit.

Scotland Yard said the arrest was part of an "ongoing operation" which uses cutting-edge technology.

They say they are now able to identify and arrest suspects who use public areas and remote computers.

Detective Superintendent Matthew Sarti said the use of technology and "proactive policing", supported by new laws, was at the forefront of the Met's attempts to identify and arrest suspects.

"This is just one aspect of our commitment to safeguarding the children of London," he said.

Police will examine the computer to see if the suspect had been in contact with other potential suspects or alleged victims.

The man is being held on suspicion of inciting someone to rape a young child, inciting someone to distribute indecent images of children and facilitating a child for the purpose of sex.

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