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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2005, 15:25 GMT 16:25 UK
Gun-fest poster angers residents
The Revolver poster in Kensal Green
Kensal Green residents are angry about this poster
A poster of a new film showing gun-toting criminals has been put up opposite the scene of a fatal shooting in Brent, north London.

Police and residents called the choice of location for Guy Ritchie's gun-fest Revolver promotion "insensitive".

The poster faces the spot in Kensal Green where Lee Subaran, 27, was shot dead following a dispute last year.

In recent years, Brent Council has being running a hard-hitting anti-guns campaign to de-glamorise gun culture.

Wrong message

Sgt Greg Wakefield, of the Met Police, said the poster was sending out the wrong message to youths.

"If they saw this they would think that it was cool to carry a gun and shoot people," he said.

Kensal Green resident Rocky Fernandez said the film advertisers should have consulted the local council before putting up the poster.

He says they should have asked if there were "any issues that many cause distress to local residents bearing in mind the photograph which is going to depict [3] men holding guns".

Lee Subaran
Subaran was shot in the neck and head in Kensal Green

The distribution company behind the film, Redbus, said it is sorry if it has caused any distress but added it is impossible to check individual poster sites.

Michelle Forbes, of campaign group Mothers Against Guns, said such posters glamorised gun violence among youths.

"These films will be watched by young people who are obtaining the guns and actually using them," she said.

"These young people are very immature."

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