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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 September 2005, 14:55 GMT 15:55 UK
Street event 'shows resilience'
Polo players during the Regent Street Summer Festival
Among attractions was a miniature polo field
Up to 300,000 people have visited one of London's busiest streets which was shut and turned into an English country garden for the day, organisers say.

Those in charge of the Regent Street event say the turnout has proved the resilience of the British and tourists after the bombings.

The sixth annual summer festival saw Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus turned into two huge gardens.

There was also music, market stalls, polo ponies and an art installation.

Annie Walker, director of the Regent Street Association, told BBC News: "I was quite apprehensive about the event before, thinking will people actually turn up but they have in force.

"Everybody's realised we've got to get on with our lives. The resilience of London and the UK public is incredible and what we've not got to forget is there's a lot of tourists on the street as well.

"It's so nice to see people enjoying themselves - all sorts of ages and nationalities."

The event is funded by the businesses and the landlord, the Crown Estate.


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