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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 January, 2005, 18:42 GMT
Plan for large scale Tube closure
District Line
Large sections of track could be closed for weeks at a time
Large sections of track on the Tube will be closed for weeks for repairs, London Underground (LU) has said.

Carrying out work over several weeks, rather than overnight or at weekends, would be more cost-effective, says Transport for London (TfL).

It said it was unlikely any large scale closures would take place this year.

London's transport commissioner, Bob Kiley, described carrying out work in the middle of the night as like "death through a thousand cuts."

Mr Kiley said he expected the plan to be met with some opposition at first but was confident passengers would understand.

Big bang closures are more popular with passengers than work being done in dribs and drabs
Spokeswoman for London Transport Users Committee

"If you can deliver a really different and better product at the end, they will appreciate it," he said.

"It's death through a thousand cuts with you trying to do things in the middle of the night. On weekends it's not a great place to be."

The plan is being broadly supported by London Transport Users Committee.

"Big bang closures are more popular with passengers than work being done in dribs and drabs as long as it is properly planned and communicated," a spokeswoman said.

Metronet, which is responsible for upgrading and maintaining most of the Tube network, said it was in talks with LU about the plan.

Tube tour highlights bad tracks
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