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Nurse 'beaten by schizophrenic'
Mamade Chattun
Mamade Chattun died of multiple injuries
A male nurse was beaten to death by a schizophrenic in a south London psychiatric hospital after being left alone with him, a court hears.

Mamade Chattun died from multiple injuries after he was allegedly attacked by Jason Cann in the lobby of Springfield Hospital, Tooting in 2003.

The Old Bailey heard part of his ear was severed, possibly caused by biting.

Mr Chattun had been warned not to deal with Mr Cann on his own, it was alleged. Mr Cann denies murder.

He was warned not to deal with him on his own
Richard Whittam, prosecuting

Richard Whittam, prosecuting, said on Thursday that by the end of the attack the nurse was left lying in his own blood with severe injuries to his head, body, breast bone, ribs and bowel.

He was taken to nearby St George's Hospital where he died.

Mr Whittam said Cann had been sectioned the day before the alleged attack and told a social worker that no one could help him.

He later refused to take his medication and sang out continually; "I want to go home," Mr Whittam told the court.

"It appeared to those looking at his behaviour it was insufficient for force to be used to give him his medication," he said.

The court heard Mr Chattun was the sole nurse left in charge of him.

"He was warned not to deal with him on his own," said Mr Whittam.

The trial continues.


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