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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 January, 2005, 19:05 GMT
Gang 'shot husband on doorstep'
A woman watched as her husband was shot in the head on their doorstep after standing up to a teenage gang over a parking row, the Old Bailey has heard.

Jennifer Mullings wept as she described how her husband Douglas was shot after an argument broke out in Meridian Walk, Tottenham, north London, in May 2004.

It is alleged David Gaynor, 19, of Cricklewood shot Mr Mullings.

Mr Gaynor, Steven Allen, Simeon Szypusz and Merrick Hamilton, all aged 19, deny attempted murder.

Mr Gaynor and Mr Allen also deny possessing a firearm and Mr Szypusz also denies making a threat to kill.

My daughter suddenly grabbed me and said `they have got a piece, they have got a piece.' It meant they had a gun
Jennifer Mullings

Mrs Mullings told the court on Tuesday how she and her husband were plagued by a gang known as the 'Meridian Crew'.

She said the teenagers were drawn to the estate by a pirate radio station that broadcast from a nearby house.

As a result, she said they endured sleepless nights from loud music, screams and shouts from rowdy youths smoking cannabis.

And on the morning Mr Mullings was shot she had told him they had to move as she had been made ill with headaches and lack of sleep.

On the night in question she had gone out to talk to the youths as her car had been damaged and she wanted to know who was going to pay for it.

'Dead man'

She said they began swearing at her and asking if she wanted a fight before throwing missiles.

The court heard that her husband came out and the youths were laughing and saying "he's a dead man".

"My daughter suddenly grabbed me and said `they have got a piece, they have got a piece.' It meant they had a gun," she said.

The jury heard how the family ran back to the house but Mr Mullings stumbled and fell near his front door.

Mrs Mullings said she heard the click of a gun being cocked than a "bang".

"I looked and my husband put his hand to his head and went down. He was hit in the right hand side of his head."

Mr Mullings survived the shooting and had to undergo an operation to remove part of a bullet from his brain.

The trial was adjourned until Monday.

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