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Train robber officer dies aged 81
Jack Slipper
Det Ch Supt Jack Slipper was "a tenacious investigator"
The police officer who led the hunt for the 1963 Great Train Robbers has died.

Retired Det Ch Supt Jack Slipper, 81, who was nicknamed "Slipper of The Yard", passed away after a long-term illness, Scotland Yard said.

He was responsible for the first "Supergrass" trials in England and set up the first Robbery Squad.

Mr Slipper's knowledge of London's criminal underworld helped convict the killers of three policemen in 1966.

He leaves Annie, his wife of 57 years, two daughters and five grandchildren.

Friend Mike McAdam, a former detective chief inspector on the Flying Squad and retired chief superintendent paid tribute to Mr Slipper, calling him "one of the finest detectives in the last century".

Jack was one of those rare commodities in the police service: he was a natural leader of men
John O'Connor
Former Flying Squad commander

"New Scotland Yard has a world-wide reputation and the name Jack Slipper or 'Slipper of The Yard', as he is known, is synonymous with The Yard," he said.

"He was proud of his association with the Metropolitan Police and of a career that incorporated a period as the Operational Head of The Flying Squad in the days when it was a Central Squad at New Scotland Yard."

Det Ch Supt Barry Phillips, of the Flying Squad, said: "Through the illustrious history of the flying squad, Jack Slipper is a name that sits above all others as a tenacious investigator and well-respected head of the flying squad.

"Through his work with the Robbery Squad in the early 70s, he established the current flying squad model for the investigation of armed robberies that has proved a huge success."

John O'Connor, a former Flying Squad commander who worked under Mr Slipper in the 1960s and 70s, told BBC News: "Jack was one of those rare commodities in the police service: he was a natural leader of men.

"It might actually be because of his physical presence, he was a very tall imposing guy, but he also was a man of sound judgment and anybody going to Jack for advice would get such common sense and good advice."

Mr Slipper's funeral is due to take place next week.

Obituary: Jack Slipper
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