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Last Updated: Monday, 22 August 2005, 08:03 GMT 09:03 UK
Clear bags 'to ease Tube fears'
The Freedom Bag
It is hoped the plastic rucksacks will ease Tube commuters' fears
A range of see-through rucksacks and cases have been launched for Tube users in an attempt to reduce fear in the wake of the London bomb attacks.

The Freedom Bags, which are made out of clear vinyl, are being sold on the internet by the Assist Safety Project, a private, non-profit organisation.

The not-for-profit company hopes seeing the bag's contents will assure people it does not contain explosives.

It plans to donate 10% from sales to the London Bombings Relief Fund.

Bob Fitzjohn, director of the Assist Safety Project, said the company wants to give the public back the confidence needed to travel on the London Underground again.

"If we all carry a bag that poses no threat whilst travelling on public transport, visiting a football or rugby match or just in a department store, we are giving the message that we are prepared to let others know that we're not a threat," he said.

"Sometimes the perception of danger can be more frightening than the danger itself."

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