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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 January, 2005, 08:17 GMT
Hadid designs landmark building
Zaha Hadid
Hadid was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Prize
Iraqi-born Zaha Hadid's has beaten hundreds of other architects to design a new cultural centre in London.

Her Architecture Foundation building creation is described as "solid concrete ribbon wrapped around a full height glazed space at its centre".

The 2.25m project is due to open close to the Tate Modern on Bankside near the South Bank next year.

Ms Hadid's design was picked from a shortlist of eight contributions on Wednesday.

The architectural centre will incorporate exhibition space, events space, the Architecture Foundation's office as well as a bar.

It is a powerful, not to say un-missable building
Architecture Foundation director Rowan Moore

Rowan Moore, director of the Architecture Foundation, said: "Zaha Hadid won because of the way her design encompassed the range of spaces required by the brief, and made them into a convincing architectural whole.

"It is a powerful, not to say un-missable building, but one that also allows for quieter and more intimate spaces.

"Her design is also a brilliant response to a challenging site, surrounded by large buildings."

Hadid became the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize for Architecture, considered the highest award in the profession, in 2004.

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