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Metropolitan Police protect logo
Metropolitan Police logo
The Metropolitan Police logo will be registered this week
The Metropolitan Police logo is set to be registered this week in order to protect the brand and its rights.

The application for a Europe-wide Community Trade Mark to protect the logo was filed by the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) in September.

The move will prevent any individuals or companies from manufacturing goods with the words "Metropolitan Police" or use its coat of arms.

The MPA has a staff shop but said there were no plans to open a tourist shop.

Some goods are already produced by the Metropolitan Police, such as a cuddly bear in uniform.

'Merchandising activities'

But a Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed the registering of its logo was to protect the brand rather than to produce merchandise.

In a statement the MPA said: "The Metropolitan Police trademarks an extensive array of goods and services to protect and manage its intellectual property rights to the name and logo in appropriate categories.

"The categories are periodically reviewed to ensure we are protecting the most relevant categories."

A MPA spokesman added that the Met has undertaken "modest merchandising activities" through partners in the past and that any royalties received are paid into Metropolitan Police funds.

The Metropolitan Police logo joins other trademarks already registered by the force in the UK, such as the Flying Squad and Vice Squad.

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