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Last Updated: Saturday, 13 August 2005, 14:40 GMT 15:40 UK
Zoo offer for big-nosed visitors
Baby male anteater born at London Zoo born in July
The baby male anteater was born at the zoo in July
People with large noses are being given free entry into London Zoo this weekend to celebrate the birth of a baby anteater last month.

Visitors whose noses are more than 2.5cm from face to tip will qualify for free entry by bringing along a voucher and coming with a full-paying adult.

The male baby anteater was born in July to Sauna and Bonito, the zoo's resident anteater couple.

Excluding his long nose and equally long tongue, he is one foot in length.

He will ride on his mother's back until he is about 10 months old and will eventually grow to over a metre long, excluding his long, bushy tail.

He will stand at about 0.6 metres and weigh about 50 kg.

His parents, Sauna and Bonito, who were matched in 1999 as part of a European breeding programme, are the only successful breeding pair in the UK.

The free entry offer for members of the public with above average noses is valid only on Saturday and Sunday.

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