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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 January, 2005, 07:48 GMT
'Greatest Briton' statue on show
File photo of Sir Winston Churchill
The sculpture will be installed in a BBC building in London.
A 50,000 memorial sculpture of Sir Winston Churchill is to be unveiled.

The statue of the former prime minister and wartime leader will be displayed in Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament.

Made from green English oak heartwood, the 6ft high sculpture called Song was inspired by his wartime speeches.

The statue, created by Paul de Monchaux and paid for by a telephone vote in BBC2's series Great Britons, will go on display next month.

What he said, when he said it and how he said it threw up a defensive barrier of words against catastrophe
Sculptor Paul de Monchaux

In total 1.6m people called in and voted for their greatest Briton of all time, with Churchill topping the poll.

Mr de Monchaux said it reflected the message from Churchill of strength through co-operation.

"What he said, when he said it and how he said it threw up a defensive barrier of words against catastrophe when little else was available," he said.

"The memorial is a structure that is immensely strong when all its components are joined together but quite unstable if any are missing."

The title Song comes from Churchill's own description of his contribution to a meeting of French leaders at the time of Dunkirk when he said: "I sang my usual song: we would fight on whatever happened."

It will be displayed from 9 February until early April.

It will then tour the country visiting regional venues before being installed in a BBC building in London.

The unveiling of the memorial will be followed two days later by the opening at the Cabinet War Rooms of the world's first major museum dedicated to the life of Churchill.

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