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Drivers win parking fine appeals
Parking ticket
More than 5m parking tickets were issued in London in a year
Nearly 60% of drivers who challenged parking fines in London in the past year won their appeals, says the Association of London Government (ALG).

More people are challenging tickets for illegal parking and driving in bus lanes, according to ALG figures.

Of the 58,128 appeals, 59% were won by the driver, although this represents less than 1% of total fines.

Across London the number of tickets issued dropped, showing more drivers are following the rules, says the ALG.

But more than 5m drivers were still sent tickets in the 12 months to 31 March 2005.

Boroughs don't carry out parking enforcement to antagonise people
Mike Cartwright, ALG
Last week Which? magazine reported that the most number of successful appeals against parking fines were made in the north London borough of Islington. There 87% of appeals were successful.

Many drivers complain tickets are just a method of raising revenue, not enforcing laws. Three traffic wardens a day on average are assaulted in London.

The ALG's Mike Cartwright said: "Boroughs don't carry out parking enforcement to antagonise people - parking regulations need to be enforced or they would be worthless.

"However boroughs have listened to the views of motorists and have tried to balance out their concerns with the need to carry out enforcement."

"Illegally parking causes hazards for all road users including pedestrians, and congestion on our already busy roads."

Although fewer parking fines were issued, more drivers are apparently taking their chances elsewhere - an extra 78,000 motorists were caught in bus lanes in the year up to 31 March 2005.

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