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'Somebody just stabbed me'
Edmonton Green train station
Police cordons remain in place at the stabbing scenes
Eye-witnesses to Thursday's stabbing rampage in north London have told how medics battled at the roadside to save the victims.

Tracey Greenwood, a mother of four, arrived minutes after a 30-year-old woman had been stabbed next to a main road in Tottenham.

"She was being treated by medics at the roadside. They were asking her if she could hear them, but she wasn't responding so they put an oxygen mask over her face.

"There was a lot of blood in the lay-by and she looked in a really bad way."

She said Tottenham is a rough area but the spate of stabbings had still come as a shock.

'Shocked and nervous'

The scene of the attack, Cambridge Road in Tottenham, was still cordoned off in the late afternoon and police forensic experts were combing the scene.

In another attack in nearby Palmer's Green a man was stabbed outside a petrol station while walking his dog, according to witnesses.

Scenes of crime officers at Wood Green

A worker at the garage told how the bleeding man walked in and said "somebody just stabbed me in my stomach".

"We gave him tissues and were holding them so the blood wouldn't come out. He was shocked, very nervous," he said.

The owner of a shop near the garage told how he ran out of his shop after he heard screaming in the street.

"We came out and saw a man stagger into the petrol station - he had a wound in the side of his stomach.

"A woman was helping him and she had to run into one of the shops to call the police.

"We went into the petrol station to see if we could help, but there were already about five people looking after him."

He said an ambulance arrived minutes later and took the injured man away.

'Nothing different'

Another man was attacked outside Edmonton Green train station - a busy commuter stop - at the height of the morning rush hour.

But local shop owners told how they did not notice anything different until the police sealed off the road.

"This area is very bad. We are used to the police driving up and down the road with their sirens on, and often going into the train station," on shopkeeper said.

We have seen an increase in violent crime and we need to get a handle on this
Andrew Love
Labour MP for Edmonton

"But it is strange that I did not notice anything. I did not hear or see anything different this morning until they blocked the road off," she added.

Andrew Love, the Labour MP for Edmonton, described the attacks as "senseless".

After offering his sympathies to the victims, he said it is "a great relief" that someone has been arrested.

Mr Love added: "We need to find out why this happened at all in this area of north London".

He confirmed that there had been an explosion in knife-related crime in the area "although levels of crime are not as high as in Inner London".

"We have seen an increase in violent crime and we need to get a handle on this," he said.

One dead after stabbing rampage
23 Dec 04 |  London

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