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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 December, 2004, 13:00 GMT
Star supper dates offered on site
Tamara Beckwith
You could hire Tamara Beckwith to come for dinner
A website is offering people the opportunity to have a celebrity come round to their home for dinner.

For 300, a famous person can be hired to turn up and provide entertainment for homeowners having a party.

Anyone hoping to book the likes of Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt however, may be disappointed.

The London-based Supper With The Stars site can offer well known faces like Syd Little, Tamara Beckwith, The Hamiltons or celebrity dog Schnorbitz.

Prices go up to 5,000, depending on the celebrity and how long they stay at a party.

EastEnders inspiration

The site also gives a guide to if they are good talkers, whether they like after-dinner party games and even if they have a fatal nut allergy.

Louisa Loney, 25, runs the company from her home in Loughton, east London.

She said: "I came up with the idea when I went to a party and an old EastEnders star was there and everyone was chatting to him.

"I thought it would be good to be able to get novelty stars for their party. I have had a lot of interest but its only been going for three weeks."


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