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Last Updated: Sunday, 19 June, 2005, 12:52 GMT 13:52 UK
Inner-city areas on DHL blacklist
DHL delivery driver
DHL makes deliveries across the world
An international courier firm has suspended deliveries to some of the UK's inner-city areas because of thuggish behaviour by gangs of youths.

DHL has put parts of London, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham off limits because of complaints from its drivers.

Recently blacklisted areas include London's Canning Town and Custom House.

The firm, which will not give exact details of other trouble-spots, is asking people to collect their packages from its local depots.

The firm was one of the first to set up in Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein and also delivers to Afghanistan.

Gangs of kids with hooded tops are a huge bane on the lives of local residents
Alan Craig
Canning Town councillor

But a spokesman said it was not fair to compare war-torn countries with inner-city areas as delivery procedures were different.

It is believed DHL has about 24 UK postal areas on its blacklist at any one time.

The areas are monitored to see if the situation improves.

'Getting hairy'

DHL spokesman Matthew Zamoyski said deliveries were suspended temporarily when there had been some sort of threats, or youths had been surrounding delivery vans and "making life difficult".

DHL said decisions are taken by local managers, who have to protect their staff.

Mr Zamoyski added: "It's a case of the manager talking to his driver and saying: 'How do you feel about this?' .

"He might say it's getting a bit hairy out there, and a decision might be made that it's not safe."

Attacks on postmen

In the E16 postcode area of east London, residents were told they would have to visit a depot to collect packages.

Canning Town councillor Alan Craig said: "Gangs of kids with hooded tops are a huge bane on the lives of local residents".

Last year the Royal Mail boycotted two estates in east London and a street in Basildon, Essex, after postmen were attacked.

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