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Rohypnol theft woman found guilty
Selina Hakki
Selina Hakki drugged two men with Rohypnol
A woman has been found guilty of spiking two men's drinks with a date-rape drug before stealing from them.

A jury at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court reached its verdict shortly after Selina Hakki declined to give evidence.

Hakki, 37, of Gale Street, Bow, east London, will be sentenced on 17 January on two theft charges and for giving the men Rohypnol in separate incidents.

Two men woke up hours after their wine was spiked, to find thousands of pounds worth of property missing.

Banker Volker Vogler, 38, said he had met Hakki in a five-star hotel bar in Park Lane, central London, while celebrating his birthday in May 2002.

'Partially undressed'

He told the court how he staggered around his flat in Knightsbridge, central London, trying to list missing items.

Clothes, shoes, an Omega watch and a Tiffany alarm clock were all found in Hakki's home, the court heard.

Film director Alexander Jovy, 34, told the court he could barely remember the evening in September last year when he met Hakki in a nightclub.

She thought nothing of the consequences - anyone with an allergic reaction could have easily died
Det Insp Paul Healy
He said he woke up partially undressed to find his 5,000 Rolex watch, a present from his late father, had gone.

Tests showed traces of Rohypnol in Mr Jovy's blood and urine.

Speaking after the verdict, Detective Inspector Paul Healy said: "This woman deliberately targeted these men in exclusive bars because they looked as if they would own the sorts of items she wanted to steal.

"She thought nothing of the consequences that administering a drug such as Rohypnol could have on someone.

"Anyone with an allergic reaction could have easily died."

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