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Last Updated: Saturday, 18 June, 2005, 14:31 GMT 15:31 UK
Delhi bazaar pitches up in London
A famous Indian market swaps Delhi for London this weekend in an effort to improve links between the two capitals.

The Dilli Haat Indian Craft Bazaar will bring crafts, food and live music from across India, to Trafalgar Square.

In Delhi it is a centre for arts, crafts and cuisine, and was set up so craftspeople could sell to tourists.

London is home to Europe's largest Indian community and the Delhi government wants to promote India as a place to visit.

Dilli Haat will offer Londoners a wonderful display of the vibrancy and diversity of India's arts and crafts
Ken Livingstone

Mr Avinder Singh Lovely, Delhi's minister of tourism, said the market was part of an "ongoing cultural exchange between the two cities, with the aim of increasing awareness about India's rich crafts tradition".

Among items on sale will be wood carvings from Tamil Nadu and shawls from Kashmir, as well as traditional Indian arts and crafts.

The event has been co-organised by the Delhi Government and the Mayor of London.

London mayor Ken Livingstone said the two capitals shared "economic, cultural and social ties". "We buy each other's goods and services and invest in each other's businesses and markets," he said.

"There is a thriving exchange of tourists between our countries.

"Dilli Haat will offer Londoners a wonderful display of the vibrancy and diversity of India's arts and crafts."

Dilli Haat London takes place on Saturday and Sunday from 1100 BST and 2000 BST.

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