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Last Updated: Monday, 13 December, 2004, 18:37 GMT
Men 'duped with date-rape drug'
Selina Hakki is accused of drugging the men with Rohypnol
A woman lured two businessmen to their homes before "putting them out for the count" with a so-called date-rape drug, Middlesex Crown Court has heard.

Selina Hakki, 37, is accused of then stealing thousands of pounds worth of designer clothes, expensive watches and bottles of wine.

Volker Vogler told the court on Monday how he collapsed soon after the pair went back to his Knightsbridge flat.

Ms Hakki, of Bow, east London, denies a total of eight charges.

She denies two counts of a charge which states she "unlawfully caused to be taken... a stupefying or overpowering drug, matter or thing, namely Rohypnol, with intent thereby to enable herself to commit an indictable offence, namely theft."

The others are alternative charges relating only to the alleged thefts.

'Out of control'

Mr Vogler told the court he had been celebrating his birthday on 1 May, 2002, when he met the woman in the rooftop bar of the Park Lane Hilton, central London.

After talking to her he said "she suggested we should go to my place and have a drink."

He said he collapsed when they were back at his apartment and that he remembered nothing until mid-morning the following day.

"With a hangover you just feel tired. But this was different. I was out of control." he said.

The court was told that another alleged victim, Alexander Jovy, was not targeted until September 2003.

Mr Alexander also collapsed after the woman went to his home in Maida Vale, west London, the court heard.

Tests later revealed traces of Rohypnol in both Mr Jovy's blood and urine.

Richard Milne, prosecuting, said the drug Ms Hakki allegedly used - Rohypnol - is a "very potent, rarely prescribed" sedative for extremely severe insomnia.

The case was adjourned until Tuesday.

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