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'Gang rape teenager was filmed'
Terrell Forbes arrives at Kingston Crown Court
Terrell Forbes denies one count of rape
A girl allegedly gang-raped by a group of footballers was told to "act happy" as she was filmed, a court has heard.

The teenager told Kingston Crown Court she was forced to perform sex acts on up to 12 men at a flat in Brockley, south-east London, in March.

Grimsby Town's Terrell Forbes, 23, denies one count of rape.

Philip Mighton, 23, Darren Wallace, 23, Ashley Campbell, 21, Kevin George, 21, and Shane Sutherland, 21, all from south London, deny rape charges.

'Duvet on the floor'

The court had earlier been told the girl befriended Mr Sutherland who drove her to Mr Mighton's flat where she was raped by an "unknown number" of men on 4 March .

There were people on the phone saying 'Come, we've got dessert for you'
Alleged gang-rape victim

The teenager told the court Mr Forbes, known as TJ, forced her to have sex in the bathroom.

She said she complained her back was hurting and told the court: "He said to wait until he had finished."

As she was "dragged" into the bathroom, she could hear men on the phone inviting others to join them.

"There were people on the phone saying 'Come, we've got dessert for you,'" she told the court.

Later she was taken into the living room where she saw one man putting a duvet on the floor, the girl claimed.

'Say hi'

She said she saw Mr Sutherland with a video camera and was told by him to "say hi" and introduce herself, and to "act happy" for the camera.

The girl, now 16, said the alleged attackers played a DVD showing a killing.

She said: "One of the boys said 'We are killers, you know'. Then he said 'Oh, you think we are joking, we will chop you up and put you under the floorboards.'"

She told the jury she thought he was joking but became scared when they played the film.

'Catalogue of abuse'

She then claimed a catalogue of horrific abuse took place including being forced to perform a sex act while another man held a cosh up to her.

She also said she was abused with a bottle and another tried to make her drink urine.

The court heard the girl was "just frightened" throughout the alleged ordeal and was unable to leave because she "felt like a prisoner".

The jury was earlier told the ordeal lasted 24 hours before the girl sent a text message to a friend saying 12 men had had sex with her.

She then took a taxi to Euston, London, where she met a friend and "hugged her to death", she told jurors.

Medical tests showed a friction burn on her spine and evidence of forced penetration, the court heard.

Mr Sutherland, from Anerley, Mr Wallace, from Brockley and Mr George, from Catford, all deny one count of rape.

Mr Mighton, from Brockley, denies three counts of rape and Mr Campbell also from Brockley, denies two charges of rape.

Mr Forbes was playing for west London club Queens Park Rangers at the time of the assault.

The case continues.

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