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Last Updated: Monday, 19 July, 2004, 17:15 GMT 18:15 UK
Man jailed for McDonalds murder
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Ciantar followed his victim out of McDonalds before stabbing him
A man caught on CCTV in McDonalds having a row over queue jumping, minutes before stabbing a customer to death, has been jailed for life.

Dennis Ciantar chased Gavin McGrath from the shop in Seven Sisters Road, Holloway, north London, and knifed him in the back, the Old Bailey heard.

Ciantar, 34, from Holloway, was arrested six weeks later after an appeal on the Crimewatch programme.

He was convicted on Monday of murdering Mr McGrath, 34, on 13 September, 2003.

William Boyce QC, prosecuting, said the argument caught on film may have been about "who should have been served first or about jumping the queue."

To see you stalking him was a chilling sight
Judge Richard Hawkins
But Ciantar was "clearly irritated" as he was seen paying for his food, which he left behind, before "angrily" chasing his victim who had left the restaurant.

Then without warning "he ran behind him, stabbed him in the back and ran away," Mr Boyce added.

Judge Richard Hawkins told Ciantar: "After a trivial incident between you, you set after your victim.

"To see you stalking him was a chilling sight. Having found him, you stabbed him. He came to his end in a sudden and brutal way."

The single stab wound sliced through vital arteries and Mr McGrath died on the street.

Experts were able to use computer facial mapping techniques to show the killer's resemblance to Ciantar.

During the two week trial it was proved that the killer in the CCTV had exactly the same style of standing and walking as Ciantar.

He was ordered to serve a minimum of 14 years in prison.



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