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Last Updated: Friday, 16 July, 2004, 16:43 GMT 17:43 UK
Arch blamed for bad TV reception
The Wembley arch and television aerials
Residents blame the new Wembley arch for their bad TV reception
People living near the construction site of the new Wembley stadium in north London say its 440ft arch is interfering with their TV reception.

Maurice Ofstein is among those who say they have lost their reception since work began to erect the arch.

He told BBC London he was reading books more because watching the jumpy picture "would make your eyes dizzy".

Developers Multiplex Construction say reception was already bad in the area, but they are investigating the problem.

The company says it carried out a survey before work started which showed about a third of properties near the site had "inherent problems" with television reception.

But Mr Ofstein told BBC London his picture had been perfect until very recently.

Maurice Ofstein and his television
Mr Ofstein said he has largely given up watching television
He said: "We don't look at it [anymore], we read books, because you can't watch that for a whole evening, it would make your eyes all dizzy.

"Everyone around here has got it, everyone in the flats and everybody in the surrounding streets."

Multiplex says it has received 15 letters of complaint and is working with Brent Council, but its investigation has so far proved "inconclusive".

It had planned to install three new transmission aerials once the stadium is completed in 2006, but is now considering installing them sooner.

A spokeswoman said: "Multiplex is currently investigating whether the installation of a temporary solution or the permanent transmission, at an earlier date, will help solve this problem.

"We would repeat that problems with transmission already existed before the start of construction work."

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