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Last Updated: Monday, 19 July, 2004, 05:13 GMT 06:13 UK
New powers to fight bad behaviour
Abandoned car
The ALG said Londoners' views have shaped the Act
Noisy neighbours, abandoned vehicles and cowboy car repair firms are among nuisance issues at the centre of new legislation for London councils.

The Association of London Government's (ALG) Local Authorities Act will give them more powers to clamp down on anti-social behaviour from Monday.

The powers also target fly-posting, ticket touts and graffiti.

Neighbours could be fined for breaching noise abatement notices and companies could be prosecuted for fly-posting.

'Valuable asset'

Owners of bridges will be told to take action to stop pigeons nesting in them and shop owners will have to pay to remove graffiti on their walls.

Boroughs also have the power to dispose of unregistered or untaxed cars immediately and to stop car repair firms carrying out work in the street.

Chair of the ALG Sir Robin Wales said: "These new powers will be a valuable asset in the fight against the anti-social problems blighting people's lives.

"Londoners constantly tell us that noisy neighbours, graffiti and abandoned vehicles are among the issues that most concern them, and their views have helped shape this act.

"The clear and simple message to people committing this type of anti-social behaviour is that it will not be tolerated and we will do all we can to prevent them spoiling the quality of life for others members of the community."

Tube gangs tackled by new powers
14 Jun 04  |  London

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