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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 June, 2004, 03:51 GMT 04:51 UK
Police sack homophobic recruits
Scotland Yard
A "number of offensive notes" were pushed under the recruit's door
Two trainee police officers have been sacked after they admitted sending homophobic notes to a fellow recruit, Scotland Yard has said.

Senior police officers condemned the pair and vowed that the Metropolitan Police "will not tolerate homophobia".

The unnamed trainees admitted pushing a number of "offensive notes" under the door of another recruit.

They were dismissed for misconduct over the incident at the Hendon police training centre last July.

The comments made were entirely unacceptable conduct from anyone who would aspire to become a police officer
DCS Phil Flower
They were confronted during an internal investigation launched after the recruit complained to training staff.

Detective Chief Superintendent Phil Flower, head of the Met's internal misconduct process, said the comments represented "entirely unacceptable conduct from anyone who would aspire to become a police officer".

"The Met must be fully confident that officers will be able to deliver a professional policing service to all the members of our diverse communities, regardless of their sexuality or any other factor", he added.

"In the case of these two recruits we could not have that confidence."

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