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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 June, 2004, 12:42 GMT 13:42 UK
Met name ban on wheel clampers
Metropolitan Police logo
The company could be fined if they do not adhere to the injunction
A wheel-clamping firm has been banned from using a name or design which could confuse the public into thinking it is part of the Metropolitan Police.

The High Court ordered Metropolitan Parking Services Ltd to stop using the word Metropolitan in its name and blue and white squares on its vehicles.

The Metropolitan Police Authority said their use could risk the firm "passing-off" services as being run by police.

The company did not oppose the application for an injunction.

The High Court judge also banned the company from using the slogan "Working for a Greater London" or any other similar wording written in dark blue.

protecting these symbols is integral to protecting our reputation
Met's Valerie
Anthony Martino, for the police authority, told the court that the force owned "valuable goodwill" in its "indicia of identity", and its reputation was of special importance.

He added that all the factors added together were "likely to lead members of the public mistakenly to believe that it is connected with the Metropolitan Police Authority".

The company will now be warned that if they disregard the order they could be in contempt of court and liable to fines, imprisonment and confiscation of assets.

Valerie Sng, Head of the Met's Events and Income Development Unit, said: ¿Our logo and branding is essential to identifying the police to the public that we serve and protecting these symbols is integral to protecting our reputation.

"It is vital to us that Londoners are not confused into believing the actions of this firm are somehow connected to the Met.¿

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