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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 June, 2004, 18:40 GMT 19:40 UK
Dog beats odds to win horse race
A war of words between the two trainers began before the race
A hound has beaten the odds - and a horse - to be named the fastest animal in the racing world.

Eight-year-old greyhound Simply Fabulous beat six-year-old racehorse Tiny Tim over two furlongs, or 400m, at Kempton Park, Middlesex, on Wednesday.

The race came before the main horse and dog racing events at Epsom Park and Wimbledon on Saturday.

Bookies made the horse 8-11 favourite with the dog, which had won 14 races from 35 starts, given evens.

A split-second contest had been predicted and punters were not disappointed with Simply Fabulous winning the race in 23.29 seconds against the horse's 24.63.

The greyhound crossed the finish line seven horse lengths ahead of Tiny Tim - or 15 dog lengths.

A war of words had broken out between the two animals' trainers, both of whom were convinced they would win, before the race.

The horse wore blinkers to prevent distraction

And Brett Capaldi, the Reading-based trainer of Simply Fabulous, was rightly optimistic before the race.

After the greyhound's victory, the trainer said: "I am just surprised how much of a lead we got.

"It's great news for greyhound racing. People think that greyhounds are a vicious animal, just this week they have referred to him as a pooch and a mutt but I think greyhounds are just about the ultimate athlete.

"There is not an animal that can beat them, animal or man.

Defeated jockey Fergus Sweeney said he was "disappointed" and "a bit surprised" by the result.

He said: "Given another furlong I could have beaten him. I am looking forward to the re-match."

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