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Lifeboat named in victims' honour
Lawrence Dallaglio
Dallaglio's sister died in the Marchioness disaster
A lifeboat has been named in memory of the victims of the Marchioness disaster by England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio.

His sister, Francesca, 19, died when the riverboat sank claiming 51 lives near Southwark Bridge in August 1989.

The Legacy was named during a service of dedication at Southwark Cathedral on Thursday afternoon.

The congregation, including families of those who died, laid 51 roses, one for every victim, on The Thames.

Mr Dallaglio said: "It is devastating for anyone to lose a loved one. It was an horrific thing for my parents to have to bury one of their children - it is not something you ever contemplate.
Today doesn't bring loved ones back but it does try and ensure they're not forgotten
Lawrence Dallaglio

"For a time it certainly destroyed our family but we haven't been the only ones to experience that and I'm sure it has brought a lot of tragedy and sadness to a lot of people.

"Today clearly doesn't bring loved ones back but it does try and ensure they're not forgotten and it also ensures, hopefully, other families will not have to go through and endure a lot of sadness - and hopefully it will save lives."

The lifeboat was provided with a 140,000 donation from deceased war hero Lieutenant Commander Philip King of the Royal Navy.

The Thames lifeboat Service was set up in 2002 by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in response to the collision of the Marchioness and the dredger Bowbelle.

The official inquiry into the sinking of the Marchioness riverboat on 20 August 1989, blamed the captains and owners of both vessels for the disaster.

Lord Justice Clarke's report said poor lookouts on both vessels caused the collision, and criticised owners and managers for failing to properly instruct and monitor their crews.

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