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Man guilty of murdering 'rabbi'
Andreas Hinz
Andreas Hinz's body parts were found in bin bags
A "psychopath" who strangled and chopped up a gay trainee rabbi with a ripsaw has been found guilty of murder.

Thomas McDowell, 27, throttled Andreas Hinz then dumped his head, limbs and torso in bin bags in Camden, north London, Southwark Crown Court heard.

The body parts were found when the uncollected rubbish attracted flies.

McDowell, who admitted the manslaughter of Mr Hinz on 3 July 2002, was found guilty of murder on Wednesday and will be sentenced on Thursday.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC said he had no option but to pass a life term.

"I will sentence you on the basis that you are a dangerous psychopath," he said.

Night-long vigil

Outside the court, Detective Inspector Tim Duffield said there was no doubt that McDowell was "a predatory psychopath who deliberately lured his victim back to his flat in order to kill him.

"Although there are no other on-going investigations, we are keeping our minds open to the possibility that he may have committed further offences," he added.

During the three-week trial the court heard that after throttling his victim to death, the powerfully-built killer kept a night-long vigil over his corpse.

The next morning he went to a "drop-in centre" and convinced them to lend him a ripsaw so he could put up some shelves.

"Terrible smell"

He then apparently dragged Mr Hinz's body into the bath and used the saw to methodically dismember it.

McDowell then wrapped his head, limbs and torso in bin liners and put them out for the refuse collectors.

The jury heard how a missed collection, combined with soaring summer temperatures, created a "terrible smell" and a swarm of flies eventually led to the discovery.

McDowell confessed to a police officer and later admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The Crown rejected his plea, insisting he was a "controlled psychopath" who knew exactly what he was doing.

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