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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 September, 2004, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK
London bus and Tube fares to rise
Hydrogen powered bus
Bus fares are to rise in London by 20% in January
Bus and Tube fares will rise above inflation in January to help pay for a 3bn investment in London's public transport, the mayor has announced.

Bus fares will rise by 20% taking the cost of a single journey to 1.20 and a one-day pass to 3.

An adult All-Day Travelcard for zones one and two will rise from 5.30 to 6.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, who warned more price hikes could follow, said "tough choices" were needed to "reverse generations of neglect".

The government has given Mr Livingstone permission to borrow up to 2.9 billion to fund projects such as the extension of the Tube's East London Line and the Thames Gateway Bridge.

Zone 1 single: 2 (same)
Week Travelcard Zone 1 18.50
Month Travelcard Zones 1-4: 116.80
Year Travelcard Zones 1-2: 856

But he also needs to raise extra funds and hopes the fare increases will raise 80m on the buses and 45m on the underground network.

He said he wanted to seize the "once-in-a-generation opportunity" to invest nearly 3bn over the next five years.

"If we want to make that investment we will need to raise fares now to help meet the costs of servicing the additional debt," he said.

"I have no doubt that is the decision which is in the best interests of London."

This from the man who built his reputation on 'fares fair' - but this is 'fares unfair'
Lib Dem London Assembly member Lynne Featherstone
Single zone 1 Tube fares have been frozen at 2 and, to encourage more people to travel outside rush hour, there will be discounts on off-peak Tube fares.

In an effort to get all cash off London's buses by 2006, commuters using Oyster travel cards will pay 80p - 40p less than the cash fare.

And free bus travel for the under-11s will be extended to all children under 16.

But Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Lynne Featherstone said the changes would drive more Londoners back into their cars.

She told BBC London: "This is against the whole agenda of the mayor.

"It's all been about keeping fares low and the congestion charge [has been] about reducing traffic congestion in London.

"Now people are going to think: 'Let's get back in our cars, what's the point in being good?

"This from the man who built his reputation on 'fares fair' - but this is 'fares unfair'."

BBC London Karl Mercer
"From January we will all be digging a bit deeper to travel on the Tube and buses"

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