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De-Laurey's letters to God
A letter De-Laurey wrote top God
De-Laurey wrote asking for divine help
Disgraced secretary Joyti De-Laurey scribbled notes to God - asking him to protect her as she pilfered 4.3m from her City bosses.

Stuart Trimmer, prosecuting, branded the letters "bizarre in the extreme", but said they provided an "interesting insight" into her thinking.

They were scribbled in a couple of notebooks she called her "Bible of daily thoughts" and found in her office in Fleet Street, central London, after her arrest on 2 May, 2002.

The first was penned during December 2000, a few weeks after she had conned Goldman Sachs boss Jennifer Moses out of 40,000 with a tale of an unfaithful husband and the need for a new home.

At the time the couple and their young son were enjoying a luxury five-star holiday in Goa, India, which had been charged to the unsuspecting banker's corporate Amex gold card.

Dear God. Please help me. I need one more helping of what's mine and then I must cut down and cease in time all the plundering
Joyti De-Laurey's note to God

"Dear God" she began, "I spoke with Susannah [a senior colleague] and she wants to see Jennifer on Monday with Lesley [another colleague].

"I'm so scared I just hope and pray that all is well and that my concern is not founded ... I don't want to lose Jen's trust over anything.

"Please protect me. I have only to secure another 40 and I'm done as far as GS [Goldman Sachs] are concerned. Please ensure they haven't discovered Tasha [an alias she used to illegally get a credit card] etc. etc.

"I need to be alright. So much is depending on me.

'Why do I get so scared?'

"I just want everything to be fine. Please God, ensure my relationship with Jen and GS is untarnished. With nothing but all my heart, J.

"PS: Why do I get so scared? What will become of me? Please look after me and keep me and my family safe - happy and without money worries."

The barrister said: "That last part - 'without money worries' - is of some significance you may think."

The other "Dear God" note, written in February 2001, pleaded: "Please help me. I need one more helping of what's mine upon my return and then I must cut down and cease in time all the plundering.

"Please ensure my job is safe and my integrity is unquestioned on my return and that these remain secure throughout."

The BBC's Nick Thatcher
"She not only forged but obtained signatures of cheques supposedly for domestic expenses"

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