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Last Updated: Friday, 16 April, 2004, 05:20 GMT 06:20 UK
Family tribute to murder victim
Dumbi Moka
Mr Moka was just starting on a new business venture
A man shot dead as he parked outside his house was a "friendly and hard working businessman" say relatives.

Dumbi Moka, 31, a Nigerian national, had planned to open a travel agents in Edmonton this week, but was killed in Ponders End, north London on 3 April.

He stumbled to his front door but died from a shot to the chest.

Police believe he knew his killer, but do not know why Mr Moka, who leaves a wife and daughter, was shot and have put up a 15,000 reward.

Mr Moka's wife Chinweoke and sister Ashinedu have joined police appeals for help.

'Everything to live for'

Ashinedu, who came over from Nigeria to help Mr Moka set up the travel agents, said the family felt a "great sense of loss".

She added: "He did not deserve to die this way."

On the night he was killed, Mr Moka had been parking his black CLK Mercedes outside his home in Elmcroft Avenue when he was approached by the gunman.

They got into an argument and at least one shot was fired.

The day before a "Mediterranean-looking" man was seen knocking at his door and looking through his window and police want to hear from anyone who saw him.

Detective Chief Inspector Keith Garnish said: "Dumbi Moka was in his prime and had everything to live for, but tragically leaves behind a wife and two-year-old daughter.

"If anyone can assist us as to why someone would want to kill Mr Moka, I would urge anyone who has information, no matter how insignificant they may think, to call police."

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