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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 April, 2004, 13:31 GMT 14:31 UK
Londoners happy living in capital
Palace of Westminster
Londoners are proud of the city's historical and cultural heritage
A survey of Londoners has found 73% like living in the city, with the figure rising to 91% among Asians.

The Mori poll found 66% thought the M25 was London's natural boundary which would add areas like Watford and Dartford to the English capital.

The survey ordered by the Commission on London Governance, showed 72% found the city's cultural and historical heritage as the principle source of pride.

The commission, set up by the London Assembly, reviews how the city is run.

The survey also found that about seven out of 10 felt London should have more political autonomy and 82% wanted more of their taxes spent on services for Londoners.

82% of Afro-Caribbean people interviewed said they were happy to live in London
33% cited multiculturalism as a source of pride
72% of all those surveyed agreed that London had a different outlook to the rest of the UK
If the M25 was to become London's boundary it would add 805,000 people to the city's population

And when asked to choose one identity, many more respondents chose Londoner ahead of English, and almost the same as those who chose British.

The poll was requested ahead of a seminar hosted by the commission on how Londoners perceive the city.

The survey interviewed 1,221 adults - 1017 of these were conducted in the Greater London area.

The other 204 interviews were conducted in the London 'borders', the area outside of London but inside the M25.

BBC London's Tim Donovan
"The survey is music to the ears of those that want more power and autonomy for London"

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