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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 March, 2004, 15:58 GMT 16:58 UK
Campaigner to scale down protest
Brian Haw
MPs have to walk past Mr Haw on their way to Parliament
An anti-war demonstrator who has camped in London for nearly three years has been ordered to scale down his protest over fears of a terrorist attack.

Brian Haw, 55, faces legal action over his one man, 1,035-day, vigil opposite the Houses of Parliament.

The Metropolitan Police say there is a high risk of terrorists planting bombs under his placards without him knowing.

Mr Haw said he was there to "stop all terrorism" and his protest will end only when there is peace.

He began his protest in Parliament Square on 1 June 2001, initially calling for an end to sanctions against Iraq and then later demonstrating about the war.

Police co-operation

The father of seven from Redditch, Worcestershire, sleeps on the pavement under a plastic sheet.

Last month, Mr Haw's solicitors were warned he may face legal action if he failed to co-operate with police requests aimed at "reducing the risk to life and property in that area."

This included "reducing his protest site to a size he is able to adequately supervise, or to remove the items that could be used to conceal a device."

The Chief Superintendent of Operations in Westminster, Dean Ingledew, has now demanded a response to this request by 1400 BST on Thursday.

Mr Haw's solicitor Michael Schwarz said: "Brian Haw is peacefully campaigning on perhaps the most significant issue of the day, at a place which is supposed to be the very heart of our democracy."

In October last year, Westminster Council failed to evict Mr Haw after a High Court judge refused to grant an injunction preventing him from obstructing the pavements with his placards.

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