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Last Updated: Saturday, 27 March, 2004, 13:07 GMT
Residents protest over new buses
Residents in north-west London claim the foundations of their homes will not be able to cope when a new type of bus starts driving down their street.

The old number six Routemasters will no longer be used along Staverton Road in Brent. They are being replaced by the larger Plaxton model.

People claim the bus service makes their homes vibrate and is too noisy.

They are holding a protest on Saturday over fears that further damage will be caused by the larger buses.

There are now over 1100 buses in the 24 hour period... it's an enormous amount
Louise McLean, resident

Louise McLean, one of the residents who is involved in the demonstration, told BBC London that locals valued the bus service but want Transport for London (TfL) to be more sympathetic to the wishes of those living along the route.

"We don't wish to change the route and we don't wish to have less buses. What we'd say is that we would like to share the burden of the buses with other roads in Brent," she said.

"We like the buses, we are bus friendly.

"It's not fair on the drivers either. Everyday there is gridlock, congestion, buses stuck - the police come and try and reverse the buses. They are just too large to have."

When Ms McLean first moved to the residential road she said there were 300 buses a day.

"There are now over 1100 buses in the 24 hour period... it's an enormous amount."

Residents would like the buses to travel only one way down the road and then one way up a parallel road.

TfL were unavailable for comment.

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