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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 March, 2004, 17:26 GMT
PA confesses to stealing millions
Joyti De-Laurey
Joyti De-Laurey denies the charges against her
A City secretary accused of stealing millions from her bank bosses, had previously admitted the charges, Southwark Crown Court has heard.

Joyti De-Laurey apparently confessed in a signed affidavit in May 2002.

"I am deeply ashamed and humiliated to have to admit that in substance the allegations against me are true," she said in the document.

Mrs De-Laurey, of North Cheam, Surrey, now denies stealing nearly 4.5m from several banking firms.

Her husband Anthony, a 50-year-old former chauffeur, and her GP mother, Dr Devi Schahhou, 67, of Hampstead, north-west London, have pleaded not guilty to associated money-laundering charges.

Forged signatures

She apparently confessed to using the cash to fund a "lavish lifestyle" and had frittered away much of it on "trivial and self-indulgent" spending sprees, the court was told.

Elsewhere in the affidavit, De-Laurey spelt out how she got millions of pounds.

She said she "either prepared cheques and forged the signatures or I prepared false transfer instructions".

The document was drawn up in connection with civil proceedings brought against her, the court heard.

It was read out in full as part of 32 formal "admissions" covering 13 pages, including a confession that she pretended to have cancer.

Mediterranean villa

The prosecution claimed she first stole 1.1m from Jennifer Moses and her husband Ron Beller, both one-time managing directors at Goldman Sachs.

She then made more than three times that amount from their successor, Edward Scott Mead, the court was told.

Stuart Trimmer, prosecuting, has spoken of Mrs De Laurey's "astonishing" spending that included a 300,000 diamond-encrusted collection of Cartier jewellery, a number of luxury cars and designer clothes.

She also bought a string of properties at home and abroad, including a 750,000 seafront villa in Cyprus, which she filled with 500,000 of furniture in readiness for a new life in the Mediterranean.

The case continues.

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