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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 February, 2004, 13:16 GMT
Inquiry urged into student death
Jerry Duggan
German police have refused to reopen the case
The family of a British student who died in mysterious circumstances in Germany have met government officials to demand help in reopening an inquiry.

Erica and Hugo Duggan, from Golders Green, north London, want pressure put on the German authorities to reopen the investigation into their son's death.

Jeremiah Duggan, who was 22, died last March after being hit by two cars on a dual carriageway near Wiesbaden.

Police concluded it was suicide, but the family believes he was murdered.

Mr Duggan is alleged to have become involved with a right-wing cult in Germany, and his family believe he may have been fleeing from cult members when he was knocked down.

Suicide verdict rejected

He had been attending an anti-war conference in Wiesbaden run by the Schiller Institute.

The institute is led by Lyndon LaRouche, an American right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Last November, Dr William Dolman, the north London coroner, rejected the suicide verdict.

Before meeting Foreign Office officials Mrs Duggan said: "Following the British inquest verdict that it was not suicide and which did not rule out foul play, we are hopeful that the Foreign Office will support us and intervene on our behalf to get the truth of our son's death.

"We really do expect the German authorities, who have laws against incitement to hatred, to act speedily.

"We all have cause to be frightened of the growing extremism in Europe today."


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