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Last Updated: Monday, 9 February, 2004, 14:35 GMT
Dice decide ticket price of show
Dice price tickets must be purchased in person at the theatre
A London show is deciding its ticket prices by the roll of the dice at the box office.

The unusual move has been adopted by the Birmingham Stage Company for its production of The Dice House at the Arts Theatre in the West End.

Inspired by Luke Rhinehart's novel, The Dice Man, it centres on patients who leave decisions to a roll of the dice.

The lowest price people can pay at the Arts Theatre is 6 and the highest is 35 but if you roll 36 you get in free.

Louise Eltringham, from Birmingham Stage Company, told BBC News Online: "People absolutely love it. There's a competitive vibe and such a buzz in the foyer."

Average dice price

She added: "Everyone enters into the spirit. They know what they are letting themselves in for."

During the first week of the play, which is written by Paul Lucas, Mr Rhinehart was available for people to throw dice with.

The average dice price comes out as 21, said Ms Eltringham.

She added that there were no arguments about the price as "what the dice says is final".

If people are unhappy with the decision they can return another day and try again.

And if you are not a gambler there are "predictably" priced tickets available as well.

Dice price tickets must be purchased in person at The Arts Theatre in Leicester Square where the production is running until the end of March.

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