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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 January, 2004, 01:26 GMT
Missing girls found at campsite
Sinead Ormand, left, and Denise Robotham
The girls are thought to have about 100 between them
Two missing schoolgirls thought to have gone to meet someone they met over the internet have been found, police said.

Denise Robotham, 12, and Sinead Ormand, 13, had not been seen since they left their London homes on Friday afternoon.

Scotland Yard said the pair were found safe and well on Saturday night at a campsite in Folkestone, Kent.

They were taken to a nearby hospital where Sinead was being kept in overnight for observation. Denise had been discharged.

Both girls appear to be safe and well
Scotland Yard spokesman
The pair were recognised by an ambulance crew called to a campsite in Folkestone to treat two young girls who were feeling ill.

"The ambulance crew recognised them as possibly being the missing girls - and hospital staff confirmed it by viewing photos of the girls on the internet," a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

"Both girls appear to be safe and well."

Police inquiries had revealed the girls had been in contact with a number of people over the internet.

The girls told officers they went to Kent to meet boys they had met online.

Earlier search

Officers had earlier identified three 14-year-old boys in Norfolk who had admitted having contact with the girls.

Police thought they might have gone to Norfolk in the hope of re-establishing contact with the boys.

The two girls left Hornsey School for Girls, north London, at 1100 GMT after attending two lessons.

It is believed the pair then went to Sinead's house in Hornsey to collect belongings and money and Denise was later seen returning and then leaving her home in Seven Sisters.

Scotland Yard said the girls had tried to arrange to meet the three Norfolk boys they had talked to over the internet.

But the boys declined and said the girls have never been to their homes.

The girls had left home with about 100 between them, a few spare clothes and a tent.

Police had been examining the e-mails, internet history and hard drive on Sinead's home computer.

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