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Train robber's son's musical debut
Michael Biggs
Michael Biggs said he had thought about cancelling because his father is ill
The son of great train robber Ronnie Biggs is making his UK musical debut in an east London club.

Michael Biggs, 29, who was a child pop star in Brazil when his father was a fugitive, is performing at Night Moves in Shoreditch on Monday night.

He sold more than 10 million records as a singer with Brazil's biggest ever boy band The Magic Balloon Gang.

Ronnie Biggs, who is serving a life sentence at Belmarsh Prison, is currently in hospital with pneumonia.

His son's music career began in 1981, when at the age of six Michael was put on television to appeal for the return of his father who had been kidnapped in Rio.

I was thinking of cancelling the concert in the present circumstances but my father didn't want that to happen
Michael Biggs
A gang had taken the train robber by boat to Barbados with the aim of bringing him back to Britain.

The head of CBS Records in Brazil spotted Michael's appeal and signed him up for The Magic Balloon Gang, who went on to have their own television show and sold huge numbers of records.

Ronnie Biggs returned to the UK in 2001 to serve the rest of his 30-year sentence for the 1963 train robbery after going on the run in 1965.

Brazilian-born Michael subsequently fought a legal battle with the Home Office to be allowed to stay in the UK.

In July last year he was given a British passport after his father married his mother, Raimunda Rothen, in a ceremony at Belmarsh Prison.

Michael said he had considered cancelling his concert, entitled "Samba Experience", but his father wanted him to go on.

He said: "I was thinking of cancelling the concert in the present circumstances but my father didn't want that to happen."



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