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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 December, 2003, 18:40 GMT
Friend appeals over jogger attack
Maurice Biriotti
Mr Biriotti appealed for anyone who knew anything to come forward
A close friend of the woman jogger who was stabbed in a park said the victim does not want a similar attack to happen to anyone else.

The 39-year-old woman was kicked and stabbed by the assailant who shouted abuse at her in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, north London, on 5 December.

She escaped, but was pursued until she was found by a passing doctor.

Police have linked the attack to the murder of jogger Margaret Muller on 3 February.

The 27-year-old was stabbed 49 times in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets - less than two miles from Clissold Park.

She wants just to get on with the rest of her life
Maurice Biriotti
On Thursday, Maurice Biriotti read a statement on behalf of the latest victim.

He said she had endured a terrible attack which had turned her life upside down.

But he said: "She is a fighter and someone who we all feel we admire and respect.

"We feel she has the strength to pull through.

"Her condition was very, very up and down, recovery is rather slow.

"She wants just to get on with the rest of her life."

Margaret Muller
Margaret Muller was stabbed 49 times in a park
He appealed for people who knew anything about the attack to come forward.

Detective Chief Superintendent Jon Shatford, who is leading the hunt for the attacker, warned: "He will attack again if he is not arrested.

"Pay particular attention to his hands as such was the thrust that he may have cuts on his fingers or hands from when he delivered the knife blows."

He also said the weapon used in the attack, which has not been found, could be a knife as long as seven inches.

Mr Shatford told the news conference the attacker may have committed petty crime before and could have a fascination with knives.

He said it was a possibility that, before carrying out attacks on these two women, the offender may have begun by attacking animals.

Description of attacker

Both Victoria and Clissold parks had deer enclosures, Mr Shatford added.

The attacker is described as being in his late teens or early 20s, slim with "teenage facial hair" and angular features.

He wore a hooded top and had a rucksack at the time of the attack.

Mr Shatford also said the man knows the area very well.

Clissold Park is not expected to be reopen until Monday, once police have completed a forensic investigation of the area.

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