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Michelin chef's allergy to his kitchen
Shane Osborn
Shane Osborn wants other chefs to be careful
A chef who became allergic to working in his kitchen is warning other cooks about developing food allergies.

Shane Osborn suffers from anaphylaxis, which is a potentially lethal reaction to some substances.

He reacts to fish and red wine and is urging other chefs to use surgical gloves to stop allergies developing.

The Michelin two-star chef has adrenalin stored at the Pied A Terre restaurant in London in case he has a serious reaction.

The 33-year-old told BBC News Online: "It all began about three or four years ago when I was filleting fish every day.

"It started off with itchiness but it became worse when I was getting shaky and my eyes watered.

It is life threatening, but I'll never give up my career. I love it too much
Shane Osborn

"Now, when I touch fish my lips swell and I have breathing problems."

Mr Osborn is now allergic to aubergines and some types of mushrooms.

He no longer prepares fish and items such as skate and lobster have been taken off the restaurant menu.

The Australian now gets his own chefs - who also taste his fish dishes for him - to wear surgical gloves.

Cure hope

"One of my chefs is only 21 and he already gets itchiness after handling fish," Mr Osborn said.

Doctors have carried out a series of medical tests on Mr Osborn, who hopes he might be able to find a cure to the condition.

He said: "It is life threatening, but I'll never give up my career. I love it too much.

"I'll sit in my office and shout orders if I have to."

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