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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 October, 2003, 17:00 GMT 18:00 UK
Memorial for 'honour killing' victim
Abdalla Yones
Heshu's father Abdalla cut his own throat after killing his daughter
More than 50 mourners gathered on Tuesday to remember a teenager who was murdered by her father because he disapproved of her western lifestyle.

When Abdalla Yones was jailed for life last month it was reported to be the first time in British legal history someone admitted murder following an "honour killing".

Many of those remembering 16-year-old Heshu Yones in west London were women from Kurdish, Iranian, Iraqi and South Asian backgrounds.

Women's rights campaigners want 12 October - the date Yones stabbed his daughter to death - to become a national day of remembrance.

Diana Nami, of the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Project, said: "This was Heshu's memorial but we also remember all those who have fallen victim to honour killing and domestic violence.

"We have lost lots of women who have suffered because they want to have a modern lifestyle.

Commander Andy Baker holds a photograph of Heshu
Photographs and a letter by Heshu were released by police
"We have to speak out against these things and we have to be prepared to criticise those who say it's culture or it's religion."

Mourners held a minute's silence at the grave of Heshu, which was covered with candles and dozens of bouquets of flowers, in Greenford Park Cemetery.

Yones, 48, a Kurdish Muslim, was a political refugee who fled Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq 10 years ago.

He lived with his daughter at their flat in Acton, west London and was said to have become angry about her relationship with a Christian teacher.

He cut his own throat and jumped out of a window after the frenzied attack on his daughter, and initially blamed her death on al-Qaeda, but later admitting to the killing.

The memorial was followed by a public meeting at the Oak Tree Community Centre in Acton.


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