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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 September, 2003, 11:37 GMT 12:37 UK
Recycling: Eco-chic or urban trash?
Caricature of Rifler
The 'Rifler' is London's most prolific recycler
Research carried out for the Recycle for London campaign found that Londoners fall into four distinct categories.

Retired Londoners are most likely to spend time sorting through their rubbish for recyclable waste while young professionals prefer to throw everything straight in the bin.


Affluent north Londoner, typically 28 to 45 and a resident of Primrose or Notting Hill, Crouch End or Islington.

While they buy organic food, fair trade products and frequently attend farmers' markets, it is all about appearance rather than any real concern for the environment.

Urban Trash

Usually 22 to 35 years old, with high disposable income but little free time. They tend to buy "overly packaged" convenience goods and throw pizza boxes, beer cans and pasta jars straight in the bin.

They can be found anywhere in London and tend not to be involved with their community or to know nothing about recycling services and care even less.

Caricature of Household Heroine
The Household Heroine is the social conscience of London
Household Heroine

Generally mothers, with teenage children, who are enthusiastic about recycling. They make regular charity donations and take part in community groups such as Neighbourhood Watch.

Likely to be reminded of environmental issues by her children, she wishes she could do more but is too busy taking the children to school, working or doing the housework.


The 'Recycling Is For Lifer' (Rifler) shows the most commitment to the environment and recycling, and is most likely to be aged over 55.

Probably retired with adult children, they have more time so recycling is not so much a chore, but a benefit to the community.

Those interested in gardening and composting see recycling as a way of life and may be influenced by wartime practices when nothing was wasted.

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