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Eubank's arrest over Iraq protest
Chris Eubank is arrested
Chris Eubank wanted to be arrested
Former boxer Chris Eubank was arrested during a one-man protest against the military presence in Iraq on Tuesday.

The flamboyant showman backed his huge truck - which bore the slogan "Tony Blair: Military occupation causes terrorism" - outside Downing Street and sounded his horn for about a minute.

He then drove off before returning for a second time but was promptly arrested after reversing into a delivery van and sounding his horn again.

After being ordered out of his truck, Eubank, who lives in Brighton, held both fists in the air as he was driven away in a police car.

Eubank, the former world middleweight champion, had earlier pleaded with officers to arrest him.

After Eubank arrived for the first time in his truck, a policeman told him: "I am issuing you with a ticket and asking you to produce your licence and papers within seven days."

Chris Eubank's truck hits a delivery van
Eubank dented the van's bumper and smashed a headlight

Eubank replied: "But officer, you must use your power as a man of the law and arrest me."

Speaking before his arrest, Eubank said: "The military occupation doesn't work. All it does is cause more terror.

"If I come in to your house with a gun, people will react against me. It's called terrorism."

Eubank, who has converted to Islam in recent years, also described himself as "a man of many faiths".

Strong feelings

The driver of the vehicle that Eubank reversed into, denting the bumper and smashing a headlight, said: "He just reversed into me without looking. I can't really say any more."

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: "There was a collision with a delivery vehicle and the man was arrested for criminal damage."

A spokesman for Eubank later said: "Chris, like the rest of the country, is very concerned about what is going on in Iraq.

"Chris felt he had to make a statement. His feelings were so strong he was prepared to be arrested."

Eubank was taken to a central London police station where he was arrested again in connection with the possession of a bladed instrument, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

He was later released on police bail to return later this month.

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