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Life for 'honour killing'
Mustaq Ahmed
Ahmed 'lulled Rexhap into a false sense of security'
A Muslim businessman who murdered his daughter's boyfriend because he disapproved of their relationship has been jailed for life by an Old Bailey judge.

Mustaq Ahmed, 40, from Barking, east London, was found guilty of murdering 22-year-old Albanian Rexhap Hasani on 15 November last year.

Mr Hasani's body was found lying in the street, wrapped in tarpaulin, on an industrial estate in Limehouse.

A post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as asphyxiation.

The court heard Mr Hasani, who was an asylum seeker living in Barking, had been having a relationship with Mr Ahmed's 16-year-old daughter Sadhia.

Islamic wedding planned

Mr Ahmed promised Mr Hasani a job in his clothing factory, the prosecution claimed, so he could control his movements until he had the opportunity to kill him.

Brian Altman, prosecuting, told the court Mr Hasani and Sadhia fell in love and wanted to marry.

But to Ahmed: "The whole idea of her marrying this asylum seeker was contrary to his belief," he said.

Mr Hasani, a Roman Catholic, had changed his name to a Muslim one and the couple had planned an Islamic wedding.

At one stage they ran off to Bournemouth, but were found by the family and taken back to London.

Rexhap Hasani
Rexhap Hasani entered the UK illegally in 1998
Mr Hasani was given a job at the factory but a week later he was bound, gagged and beaten up before being left to suffocate to death.

"Far from being accepted as a future son-in-law, Ahmed was simply waiting for the right moment to teach him a lesson," Mr Altman said.

Outside the court, Detective Inspector John Macdonald said: "Rexhap was clearly murdered because his girlfriend's father disapproved of their relationship.

"They wanted to marry and Ahmed couldn't face the thought of his daughter being with an Albanian asylum seeker, who in his eyes was not suitable.

"This result will again demonstrate that 'honour' type killings will not be tolerated and will be investigated as thoroughly as any other murder."

The case follows the life sentence passed last week on Kurdish Muslim Abdalla Yones for murdering his 16-year-old daughter after she fell in love with someone of whom he did not approve.

BBC London's Guy Smith
"Mr Hasani's body was found in the street wrapped in a piece of white tarpaulin."


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