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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 July, 2003, 10:41 GMT 11:41 UK
Police act over 'Kylie kidnap'
Kylie Minogue
A double was used for Kylie Minogue to stage the 'kidnap'
Police are to issue "strong advice" to film makers after a spoof kidnap of Kylie Minogue sparked a police hunt.

A search for the Australian pop singer began after neighbours reported she had been kidnapped on Monday.

However, the search was called off after officers discovered it had been pre-arranged by a film crew allegedly working for a documentary-maker.

Scotland Yard said police were called at 1356 BST to an address in south-west London after receiving reports of an abduction of a pop star.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman told BBC News Online it would be issuing strongly worded advice to film makers in the future.

'Pop star's double'

Neighbours are said to have called the police when they saw a woman looking like Miss Minogue being bundled into a car.

Officers began making inquiries but the hunt was called off when it became clear the abduction was a hoax.

"Police were called to reports of an abduction in south west London at 1356 BST on 21 July", a Scotland Yard spokeswoman told BBC News Online.

"Following an investigation this was found to be a hoax and was pre-arranged, using a double of a pop star."

She also said police would be giving advice to film makers about reckless behaviour by individuals or organisations when filming in public places.

An investigation is now under way to find out who was responsible for the hoax.

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