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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 July, 2003, 12:04 GMT 13:04 UK
Torso suspect faces extradition
Sam Onogigovie being led away from court
Sam Onogigovie was arrested in Dublin
A Nigerian man questioned about the death of a young boy whose torso was found in the Thames has appeared in court to face extradition to Germany.

Sam Onogigovie, 37, was arrested in Dublin on Wednesday under an extradition warrant issued by police in Germany, where he has been convicted of crimes linked to human trafficking.

Scotland Yard also questioned him about the murder of a boy detectives have named Adam, who was found in the Thames near Tower Bridge in September 2001.

Officers from the Garda, acting on behalf of the Metropolitan Police, searched his flat in Dublin on Wednesday.

Computers and papers were removed which will now be examined by London detectives.

But Detective Inspector Will O'Reilly, who is in charge of the torso inquiry has now finished interviewing Mr Onogigovie.

Metropolitan Police Commander Andy Baker said: "It is too early to say what may subsequently happen with regard to this man and the 'Adam' inquiry.

Torso found in Thames
The body was found without a head
"That will depend on further inquiries."

Mr Onogigovie was remanded in custody at the High Court in Dublin until Tuesday.

The torso inquiry has seen officers travel to Nigerian villages to try to trace the boy's family, after detailed forensic work found he came from a rural area of south-west Nigeria.

Detectives think he was aged between four and six, and was alive when he arrived in London but became the victim of a ritual killing days later.

They are also trying to trace the witch doctor who brewed a potion containing bone fragments which the boy swallowed before he died.

The fragments have been submitted to New York's medical examiner who will use techniques developed to identify 11 September victims on them.

BBC London's Paul Curran
"Scotland Yard said it was too early to tell what will happen with Onogigovie"

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