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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 May, 2003, 09:58 GMT 10:58 UK
Tube bosses quizzed over line closure
The Central Line train after the derailment
The Central Line was closed for 11 weeks

London Underground (LU) is to be quizzed by a passengers' group over its handling of the Chancery Lane derailment and the subsequent closure of a Tube line.

The London Transport Users Committee, the organisation set up by parliament to represent the interests of the users of transport in and around London, will ask if the shutting down of the whole of the Central Line was the only option.

It will also ask if anything could have been done sooner to restore full services.

The line's fleet of 80 trains were suspended after the derailment in January, in which 32 people were injured.

Lost revenue

The derailment is thought to have happened when a traction motor came loose underneath a train and fell on the track.

All the stations on the line opened after 11 weeks, during which time the trains were modified.

LU has said the closure has cost the company 40m, which includes 20m in passenger refunds.

This is in addition to an estimated 25m cost to the City of London and a 15% reduction in retail revenue in the Oxford Street area, through which the line runs.

The inquiry is to take place on Tuesday at The Guildhall in central London.

The committee will then produce a report setting out its findings and recommendations, which will be given to LU, the government, the Mayor of London, the Health and Safety Executive and the London Assembly.

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