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Last Updated: Monday, 16 June, 2003, 12:57 GMT 13:57 UK
Saucy opening for ketchup store
Tammy Omoniabipi with ketchup
Tammy Omoniabipi says her ketchup is selling well
A shop in north-west London is storing up a treat for any addicts of Heinz tomato ketchup.

S&L Food and Wine in Kilburn is no longer stocking general groceries and wine but nearly 10,000 bottles of the famous sauce instead.

Owner Tammy Omoniabipi, 35, from Hendon, said she thought up the idea after discovering that Kilburn was the ketchup capital of the UK.

So far, she says, the shop is a great success with a steady stream of curious customers.

Miss Omoniabipi has run her general store for nearly five years.

But she decided to turn it into a tomato sauce emporium after reading about a survey in her local paper.

We're having fun here. People want to know and they come and they look and then they buy
Tammy Omoniabipi
The survey, which was carried out for Heinz, said the average Kilburn household got through 4,400g of ketchup a year - 33% more than the national average.

"When I heard that I thought it would be a great way to get some local publicity for the store", Miss Omoniabipi told BBC News Online.

"I called Heinz to ask if they would help and they agreed."

She said she had sold "quite a lot" of bottles on Monday morning, although she could not give a precise figure.

"We're having fun here. People want to know and they come and they look and then they buy."

She admitted her shop might have limited curiosity value and she would give the retail experiment until the weekend initially to see how sales go.

"Everyone around here is getting to know about it and then it gets round by word of mouth".

Heinz said they could not explain why people in Kilburn eat so much ketchup but wished the store well.

"We know that the people of Kilburn really do love their ketchup - maybe a ketchup shop is not such a whacky idea," said Heinz marketing manager Melissa Hill.

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