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My May Day philosophy
Guy Taylor
Guy Taylor: "We can make things better"

Guy Taylor, from Globalise Resistance, which is one of the most prominent groups involved in the May Day demonstrations, talks about the protests, his vision for the future and why we need to change every fabric of society.

What we are really against is the big corporations that straddle the globe and put their profits and the interests of their shareholders before the interests of ordinary people on this planet.

For example, people are dying of Aids but pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits from these drugs and we say they should be free.

They are in a position to forget about profits and help people.

I would like to see a society that looks after people, that looks after the environment.

At the moment, especially in London, we see people rushing around thinking about only themselves. I want to see a society where people co-operate rather than compete.

In England, we are told we have a decent standard of life but even in London, which is one of the richest cities in the world, there is an incredible amount of stress and ill health.

May Day map of London
Events, locations and times

Even some people who are on a decent wage have not got enough time to spend with their families, friends and loved ones.

We can make things better than they are at the moment. We are just trying to restructure the ideas and priorities of society.

Society is very individualistic, people do not live communally which means we produce an excessive amount of things.

We are trying to get people working together and sharing. For example, having one washing machine shared by the residents in a tower block, instead of every flat using its own machine for half-an-hour a week, which is incredibly wasteful.

Working is part of human life and I can't see a world where work doesn't exist anymore.

Someone has got to sweep the streets, we do need medical breakthroughs and the technological advances.

People are only rich because other people are poor
Guy Taylor

I'm not saying we should go and live in caves again but let's work together to benefit all of mankind instead of the few people that sit at the top of society.

The revolution is not around the corner but I am very optimistic.

In February we had one of the biggest demonstrations Britain has ever seen so it shows people are moving to a time where people are questioning things more, not just the war but the priorities of the system.

May Day is a coming together of people from all walks of life.

It's one day when people come out to register their dissent in a very public way.

I think the violence at May Day demos is a big media myth.

'Hoard their money'

There has been a tiny amount of violence. A lot of this is to do with policing.

Two years ago we were hemmed in at Oxford Circus for seven-and-half hours in the cold and the rain with nothing to eat, drink and no-where to go to the toilet and it was still peaceful.

People are only rich because other people are poor.

There is enough in society to feed, clothe, house and educate everyone and give them a decent standard of living.

The fact a lot of people don't have that is because some people are so ridiculously rich, they hoard their money, having so many assets to their names, and that denies other people their rights to live how they should be able to live.

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